Thinking of Extending? There is Another Alternative

Thinking of Extending? There is Another Alternative

There comes a time when every homeowner realises they either need to extend or relocate, as the growing family demands more living space. The thought of relocating to a new home is usually what gives a person the motivation to extend, as we develop a bond with not only our immediate environment, but also our neighbours. With this in mind, there is an alternative to extending the main building, which is to build a stand-alone structure in the grounds.

The Modern Shed

Today’s range of sheds are a far cry from the fixed units of the past, and with a range of composite materials, and customised solutions allows the homeowner to create the ideal structure, which can be used for many things. You might have a hobby that demands a secluded area, and if it involves noisy machinery, then the shed can be installed away from the main home. If you are involved at the design stage, the interior can be optimised, with the right amount of power points, and extraction fans, should it be required.

A Range of Uses

A modern customised shed can be used for a lot more than just storing the lawn mower, and some people use it as a guest room, which can also be used for storage during the times it is vacant. Essential services can be easily connected, allowing the space to be used for any activity. Using sophisticated software, our designers can create the ideal space, and we can advise you on any aspect of the project.  Our website incorporates a custom design app, which you can download onto your smartphone or computer, and you can design your very own space. Anything beyond the capabilities of our App can be discussed with our design team, and if it is doable, we will find the best solution to give you the ideal space.

Extend the Driveway

If you have a new shed installed on your property, it makes sense to configure the driveway to include the entrance, which will give you unlimited access at any time. You might want to use the shed as a storage facility, or even to work on that vintage car restoration, and by talking to us about your intended use, we can design the ideal structure.

Local Council Approval

More often than not, adding a separate structure within the grounds of your property will require local council approval, and that is where we can really help. Our many years of hands-on experience mean we can handle this quickly and efficiently, and once approval is granted, we can proceed with the construction.

Professional Service

At Southern Coastal, we pride ourselves in our solid reputation, and we regard every job as a challenge, and are focused on customer satisfaction. If you think your home would benefit from a stand-alone structure, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. Our representative will be happy to advise you on how best to fulfil your needs, and provide a reasonable quote for the project.

If you are considering adding extra living space at home, talk to the experts and you might be surprised at the choices you have.