Stand Alone Options to Increase Your Living Space

Stand Alone Options to Increase Your Living Space

Every family will eventually need to add to their living space, and this is usually accomplished by adding to the existing structure. Building an extension that is connected to your home is not always possible, or indeed practical, and with modern shed solutions, you can create the ideal structure that is in keeping with the style of your home.

Fair Dinkum Sheds

This very popular brand is designed specifically to withstand the harsh Australian climate, and we can customise to suit the customer’s needs. The vertical galvanised steel panels are all cladded to Australian specifications, and our team of experts are on hand to erect the structure, or, of course, you can self-build if you prefer. Fair Dinkum sheds are designed using the latest computer software, and with a range of colours and styles, there is nothing you cannot achieve. At Southern Coastal, we are approved distributors of Fair Dinkum sheds, and with our own shed design application, you can create the perfect plan on your smartphone.

Garage or Workshop

Some people like to have a workshop, a place where they can keep all their tools and other items we use in the garden, and with the right design, your new structure can double up as a garage and workshop. We even build multi-level units if that is your preference. If you are passionate about your hobby, why not build your own workshop that is customised to perfectly suit your needs.

Planning Approval

If your new shed requires planning permission, we take care of all site plan submissions, including full installation and the fitting of any accessories you might have in mind. We pride ourselves in the fact that we always provide the very best service, and by using the best materials, your new structure will give you many years of faithful service. We take all the strain, leaving you to enjoy your new living area, and we are always happy to add accessories that you might need.

Low Maintenance

Galvanised steel is both light and very strong, and with insulation in the vertical panels, you can maintain the optimum temperature. Using the best materials, you will enjoy a low maintenance structure that is designed to stand up to even the toughest climate. Timber might look nice, but the maintenance is time consuming and also expensive, yet galvanised steel is the ideal material, as it is very durable and easy to clean.

Long Term Investment

Adding a stand-alone shed will add value to your property, so it is a wise investment, and with customised specifications, the extra space will be designed with you and your family in mind. The high cost of adding a bricks and mortar extension is a poor alternative when compared to modern stand-alone structures, and with no maintenance, it makes for a cost effective solution to add living space to your home.

Stand-alone sheds offer the homeowner a new dimension in additional living space, and by customising the structure, it will be perfect for your intended use. If you are thinking of adding to your property, contact us today, and we would be happy to send someone to assess your needs and provide you with a no obligation quote.